Fighting Patriarchy: One day at a time

Picture Source:   Born and raised as a girl child in a rural part of Nepal, society always tells us not to travel alone, not to speak loudly, not to talk with boys very often, and many other restrictions. The religious beliefs and practices of a community also largely impact the overall attitudinal and… Continue reading

My take on Gender Equality

One fine day, my little brother was watching my father lifting the heavy stuff out of the room. He turned to my sister and said, “Dad is like a Wonder Woman”. My mother was sitting on the couch nearby and she smiled. As a parent, my mother was extremely trying to discard the orthodox messages… Continue reading

Where does the change start?

The history of existence has a notable number of events where males have stood as the decisive factors upon the person-hood of the females. The phrases like “independence of women” & “gender equality” would have never come to being, if there were no any stereotypes already set for females. The word “Beauty” has a set… Continue reading

Betting house Mmorpgs Synopsis

Could the time you’ve got ended up dreaming about using an opportunity take up just about all normal gambling establishment matches regarding free. 0 personal threats, genuine gambling joy, numerous only beneficial sentiments – not much could be more suitable! Curious about exactly what will make your daily routine better still? Significant jackpots and additionally… Continue reading

I am Untouchable

Despite the fact that menstruation is a biological, natural and an obvious part of women’s life, menstruation is still taken as a taboo in Nepali society. In a conservative Nepali society, taboos and myths about menstruation not only exclude women from social relations but also snatches their freedom to enjoy their rights on her first… Continue reading


अनि उसका शरीरलाई पछारेर उसका अश्मितालाई निर्दाही लछारेर उसका रोदन र गुहारलाई वलले दबाउछौ र आफ्नो स्वार्थको सम्भोग कमाउछौ कति बलिया ति पाखुराहरू जसलाई तेस्तै छातीका अमृतले सिचेका हुन् त्येही पाखुराले आज ति कोमलताको हत्या गरी कति निर्लजताले तिर्यौ त्यो मातृत्वको गुण कति पुरुसार्थ कमाए जस्तो लाग्ला कोमल शरीरमाथि जीत पाउदा पराकर्मीको अनुभूति होला छलको… Continue reading