Periods in the Custody

– Nisha Adhikari “Menstruation: A journey of girls into womanhood” Womanhood can be beautiful but also sometimes comes along with all those cramps, bloating, mood swings, back pain and in some cases, excessive bleeding. Luckily I have every necessary products to tackle with this or make these easier. I have medications especially designed for menstrual… Continue reading

Talking about sexual behaviour with parents

-Shristi Rijal When I told my father that my sister teaches the bus drivers about appropriate technique of using condom, he was quite amazed. He asked her if she really knows the technique. She answered affirmatively. He also told sex is so vital things but is often not talked about it in the community but… Continue reading

Women Leadership Summit 2018: Leadership beyond Binaries and Boundaries

by Rukshana Kapali Women Leadership Summit 1138(2018) is organized by Ujyalo Foundation every year for young women professionals in Nepal with a lens towards leadership at workplace through gender and sexuality. It aspires to be a major project with marketing in full swing, mainly due to The Marketing Heaven’s efforts. Women Leadership Summit aims to… Continue reading

Gender based violence at what cost?

by Sudip Nepal     When it comes to the term violence there is no developing countries or developed countries because the result is scary everywhere. Everyday many girls are violated in the name of dowry, witch, poverty etc and few of them are only able to break the silence and raise the voice against… Continue reading