The Real You in your Safe Space

– Mahim Aryal You are the real you in your safe space, while you are not the same person you were anymore in unsafe space. Safe space for youths, Safe space is such an area where youths can share their opinions, discuss, express them or can open up with their self, discarding the stereotypes, discrimination… Continue reading

Gender based violence at what cost?

by Sudip Nepal     When it comes to the term violence there is no developing countries or developed countries because the result is scary everywhere. Everyday many girls are violated in the name of dowry, witch, poverty etc and few of them are only able to break the silence and raise the voice against… Continue reading

When you’re being watched…

How do you feel when you are being watched for years? How are you going to tackle when someone stares at you continuously for a longer period? What are you likely to do to intervene this case who follows you everywhere you go? Does it make you uncomfortable when someone is inspecting you and all… Continue reading