From our early childhood we are taught that there is nothing more important than a safe, secured home. Home is also a starting place of love, hope and dreams. Medha thought the same that she has her  safe haven and need not worry about life when she is within the shadow of her family.  In today’s Anubhav, Medha shares her story of how she continues to dream and live big despite having some major nightmares in her own safe haven. Medha recalls her one of the nightmares in one of those winter evenings when she was home alone after her parents left to attend one of those wedding receptions. Cocooning herself in a warm blanket, sipping some hot chocolate and watching her favorite series, Medha felt she was blessed, pampered and loved much. Having her elder sister stay out of town for work gave her all pleasures of enjoying the room to herself.

“The doorbell rang and she thought her parents came back early from the reception, but it was her cousin who walked into the house”.  She gladly opened the door and welcomed him home while her parents were away. Exchanging some funny memes and jokes, they spoke about how their life has been influenced and how they take control over it. The high and low pitch of cousin’s voice made Medha realize that her cousin was intoxicated. He wasn’t fully sober to think enough that he needed to go to bed. She pleasantly asked him for dinner while he rejected saying he dined out with his colleagues after work. She insisted him to take some rest and sleep while she was sipping on her remaining hot chocolate. She mentioned that this cousin suddenly turned out to be one furious guy that night who started brawling and abusing her for no reason. She assumes may be it was the drink or me persisting him to go to bed were some of the  reasons behind his behavior. The cousin started arguing with her and behaved very differently. She tried to work the situation and even asked him to settle down for a while expecting that he would calm down, but to  her surprise, the cousin literally pushed her against the wall and grabbed her hair. Scared, furious and stressed, Medha tried pushing her cousin while she had millions of thoughts in her head..thinking why was that happening and where did she go wrong? She remembers he was as stiff as a tree but she kept pushing him away. Found her cell phone in her pocket, she ran out of her house for her own rescue. Running in the cold, foggy night, she patiently waited for her parents to get home because she wasn’t able to reach them; probably because of the loud music in the party where they were headed to. She tried contacting few of her friends but sadly none were answering. Sad, and upset, Medha started cursing her own life thinking that she was one of the unluckiest person to not have anyone around while she was in a stressful situation. She recalled how thoughtful she was a little while ago thinking that she had the best life ever in that warm cozy blanket.

She had no courage to go inside her own safe haven and waited for her parents to be back out in the colony’s corridor. Medha adds, she felt helpless and frustrated because she couldn’t think of anything possible then and there. She tells why didn’t she had access to something useful in those times where she could take a stand against the person who tried to molest her, abuse her or even any one. She is glad that there are many ways one can deal with these scenarios now and have various ways to have the perpetrator punished. She says she is still haunted by those thoughts she carried that night, she still trembles upon seeing anyone screaming and yelling at someone. She says, sometimes these are the scariest feeling when you are aware of the fact that you cannot go into your own house because of the risks that you are taking and being uncertain about what’s going to happen next. Later that night, her parents came and found her out in the alleys of the colony that they lived in. She informed her parents about what all had happened and how she ran away to save her life. Her parents took the cousin out of home that night, took him to his parents home and waited the entire night for him to be sober so that they could deal with him when he was able to make senses for what he did, what he shouldn’t have done and what  should be done with him.

 She tells, next day the guy begged for forgiveness and was sorry for all the mishaps that happened the night before. Medha shares what he did the previous night wasn’t something acceptable and coming home in a drunk manner is not just going to help him from the consequences and can’t use it as an excuse. Medha further states he was warned and not conduct such behaviors with anyone because some actions can never be forgotten and some wounds can never be healed. He was asked to sent to a rehab center if continued doing so. The better part was his parents firmly supported Medha and her decisions and send his son either to rehab or arrest for his behaviors.

 Medha, in this interview explained, she is living a happy life now despite all these stress and nightmare that came along with her for lifelong but she has managed to overcome the fear, stress and the anxiety with time but she states not everyone is capable of doing that either they will be able to carry the burden entire life which may result to suicide and life ending events. We should be aware of our mental health more importantly specially after these incidents and occurrences.

Medha also shared her joy of knowing about NiDARR app because she iterates that these kind of app will have you connected to one of your safety circles at all times which will give you a feeling of relaxation, someone is watching you and that there are people who will come to rescue you.  Medha believes that women now have garnered ways to tackle with these tough situations and with the help of the technology and these apps that has so many features will definitely ease your access. Medha is talking about NiDARR app and her  NiDARR stories to her friends. Are you?

A Step Ahead to Foster the Survivor Centered Response System When you're being watched...

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