Oh, it’s all the same,

Such a beauty but yet we all see it the same,

Guess the color?

Might it be pink or blue

Boxes of colors; boxing boxes of gender

Men and women, blue and pink

Women and men, pink and blue

Colors go beyond binary

Might be white or your favorite one with a tint of yellow,

What a wonder, we all see it the same,

Black and white, as clear as it could be.


Why is it us,

Men and women, women and men,

All the chaos and no any gain,

Drained energy, loss of words, quiet minds, blocked words,

Why can it not be us,

With the laughter, brave thoughts, free spirits, fearless walks.


Oh, in the end, it’s all the same,

Still all the chaos and no allied talks,

Remove all the colors and it’s still the same,

The whites and the blacks,

No gender boxes, we’re all the same

Yet there’s a long way before we are seen the same.


-Rashmi Pokharel

Image Source: http://bit.ly/2RJZNlv

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