Image result for syringe attacks animationsWe have been hearing about very serious syringe attacks taking place in Nepal where the victims were attacked by boys on moving motorbikes at night. Prior to syringe attacks in Kathmandu, women were the victims of acid attacks. The series of syringe attacks was found to be targeted at women. There is a strong fear among those attacked, that attackers are looking for spreading some kind of infectious diseases by creating potential vectors in them to turn it into some kind of epidemic disease in the country. The persons involved in the attacks were found to be boys. Since men are more often involved in criminal activities than women, people were generalizing the reason according to their own imagination. Nobody knows exactly why it is being done. Whatever the object used in these attacks may be, a wild rumor is going around in Kathmandu at the moment that it is syringe only which indeed has been used by men to attack women. 


When a woman became the victim of a similar incident that took place in Banepa by another woman, people were shocked. The women accompanied by her daughter was attacked with a syringe like object while she was walking on the road. This made people more concerned about the syringe attack that was done by a woman. The continuous attacks against women with the involvement of women seems totally mysterious. Not only men, but women can also be the part of such a crime. But in our society, female violence remains a more serious phenomenon. 


From the CCTV footage of syringe attack kept in social media, we can see a lady becoming the victim of a syringe attack. However, instead of sympathizing with her, the society is judging her in negative aspect based on her clothes. She is even criticized as to why she had to walk alone with her dog at night. Our patriarchal society is analyzing that the attack happened due to her short dress. Women and girls are mostly the victim of such incidents. And the perspective and mindset of our patriarchal society causes serious problems in their life which is more likely to be in increasing order. However, our society often blames girls and women for such incidents and the results are in different forms like depression and suicide. People are less aware about the long term consequences that will occur in our society. Women are most often the victims of such incidents, which is usually perpetrated by men. The rate of reporting, prosecution and convictions for attacks varies considerably in different jurisdictions, and reflects to some extent of the society’s attitudes to such crimes. Many of the cases go unregistered due to our judgmental and traditional societal beliefs. And the major causes of attack and the generalization of society is due to the lack of awareness related to patriarchy and gender. 

– Samana Bhandari

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