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Born and raised as a girl child in a rural part of Nepal, society always tells us not to travel alone, not to speak loudly, not to talk with boys very often, and many other restrictions. The religious beliefs and practices of a community also largely impact the overall attitudinal and behavioral profile of an individual toward girls in our society.  Religion has control over people’s minds and exerts great influence over behavior.

The motivation and attitudes of the people towards education are also molded to a larger extent.  There is an absence of mentality to provide higher education to girls, regardless of a household’s socio-economic background, spending on education is very substantial. The traditional ethical code of the society expects women to remain restricted within four walls of a home, which is still a common occurrence. And a woman’s power to accept or reject a marriage partner is evidently hard to be found in a patriarchal society like ours. It also shows an index of the degree of freedom that she cannot exercise in the management of her own life.

I was grown and raised up in such a society where decision making by females is still hard to be found. However, my parents never let that impact me. I was raised differently. Differently in terms of motivation to become independent and self-reliant. With love, protection, guidance, and support, I always felt special. During that time, my parents and I suffered from different hurdles created by society. Sometimes the people would even look down on me for being a girl. But my parents always inspired me to act good and remain honest. They knew about the patriarchal society’s thoughts and beliefs as they also suffered in the past period of time. So, they didn’t want me to be impacted by those things which are why they provided me to have the freedom of making choices and decisions on my own. My parents just wanted to break the glass ceiling that society enforces between girls and boys. Achieving something as a girl is hard to digest for society due to gender stereotypes.

Despite all those hurdles from society, I had a strong determination and a clear vision of my life. My parents always taught me to have a goal set in my mind about what I wanted to do not based on gender but being as an individual. The change never comes instantly, it takes time. And the way they inspired and helped me to set my goal started the chain of positive change that allows every individual to dream and work for it.

Identifying myself as a female, I have the right to choose my profession and work career. I do not have to be born as a male to have that privilege of making choices. And all the people living in society should have that equality of freedom.

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