Pooja Bista

I was with my siblings with the bunch of girls. We were discussing everything that popped up on our head. And slowly topics were becoming into,’ What If ‘ and ‘ I wish.’ Out of all sudden one of my youngest sibling of that group said,” I wish I could be fairer than I Am.”  We tend to laugh at that moment however that triggered within. I don’t know where she learnt to be fairer equals to more beautiful.

Sitting at the edge of the chair, putting more makeup, contouring and highlighting she has lost her essence, her shining eyes are shadowed by the lens and her glowing and charming face is glittered by shiny highlighters. She is more concentrated on her outer looks; on her clothes, on her likes and comments, and like so.

I am afraid if someday she loses all her self-love and self-confidence relying more on beauty products, she will stop looking at the mirror when she has bruises over her soul. I am afraid if she would compare herself to the cover girl of some fashion magazine, and starving every day. I am afraid if she would believe on Instagram life more than a real one. Girl, you always look pretty when you smile, your cheeks are more glowing when you talk about what you love for. Believe me; you’re stunning despite what they assert.

Today, we can be 24/7 on social media and see all the ways in which we can look prettier. We tend to race to seek perfection like pointed noise, bigger boobs and buts, thick lips, zero figures and the list goes on. Now, we decide even if we are living happily by seeing – 10 ways to improve your life. All of that, coming at you all of the time, doesn’t give you a lot of headspaces to think of anything other than yourself! You also finish up thinking, “Oh God, I’m not sensible enough and that I didn’t believe that till this moment.” It’s insane!

Dear Folks, I know it’s hard to set aside without scrolling the news feed but if you walk around your houses, you will definitely find an inspiring spirit. Girls, your works are valued in the world no matter how you look.

Twitter: @Pooja_Bista

(Author is studying Mass Communication and Sociology at Goldengate International College)

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