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When I told my father that my sister teaches the bus drivers about appropriate technique of using condom, he was quite amazed. He asked her if she really knows the technique. She answered affirmatively. He also told sex is so vital things but is often not talked about it in the community but we two sisters were talking about it so fluently with our father about sex, condom and so on. I thought we could talk about it with our parents because we work in this field.

After some days one of my colleagues who was also working in the same field with me told that his mother found a condom in his pant and she rigorously scolded him, inspecting as he is ruined and actively involved in sex.  Actually the condom was given to him during our workshop but his mouth was shut. He told that the situation was worse to convince her.

She gave him last chance not to be involved in such activities. After hearing from him, I said that he must have explained all about our works including comprehensive sexuality education. He had told about it to his mother but in turn he was told that she would never listen about these things. Other colleagues generalized the situation with the fact that people could not talk about sex, sexuality or family planning devices with their parents. One of my friends also told that her mother questions if she had to teach about sex thinking that her daughter could be indulged in sexual behaviours.

I was little astonished by their conversation as I found a stereotype community still exists in urban place like Kathmandu where there is a barrier to talk about such issues. Even if we work in the field of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Right, we are unable to talk freely about it in such community.

If the situation is so difficult for the people working in this field, what might be the situation among the people who have scanty knowledge on sexual and reproductive health?

In Nepal, parents are rarely found to talk about sexual and reproductive issues. The adolescent usually learns about this issues in school or from TV or Internet. They always have the curiosity about the sexual life so, they try to learn these things from their experience as it is not talked in family or in public.

Talking about sex in our country is like a taboo/crime which deprives the adolescents from correct information on SRHR. Due to lack of correct information, they will thus tend to indulge in unsafe sexual behaviour.

So, it is very important to reach among the parents and the community. We need to make them understand how important it is to speak out about sexual and reproductive health among their children. If the parents who are near to their children could properly teach them about such issues, the prevalence of sexually transmitted infections, HIV and AIDS would decrease drastically. The stigma and discrimination would also decrease substantially.

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