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When it comes to the term violence there is no developing countries or developed countries because the result is scary everywhere. Everyday many girls are violated in the name of dowry, witch, poverty etc and few of them are only able to break the silence and raise the voice against it.  Still widowed women are taken as sign of bad luck and are unable to participate in religious activities. In this so called 21 st century still we hear the news of women being forcefully beaten in the name of witch. Isn’t it a pity news?

According to research and development centre, there is a fact that every 1 minute in Nepal, a man beats a women. We have an assumptions that alcohol and drug use cause domestic violence but the fact is that domestic violence is a choice but the reality is that many abuser will make sure they have alcohol or drugs on hand, in order to use them as an excuse for the actions. According to Worecnepal 52% women suffered from mental pressure among which 78% are literate. Only 25% violence against women survivor seek medical support. 86% of women are unsafe in their own community.

Violence not only causes physical and emotional damage, but also creates a social and economic burden on communities. Measuring these costs can be difficult, and most estimates only consider the direct economic effects of violence, such as productivity loss or the use of health care services. Beyond these clear-cut costs, however, the pain and suffering of violence can affect human and social development and increase the risk of chronic outcomes later in life. Communities and societies feel the effects of violence through loss of social cohesion, financial divestment, and the increased burden on the health care and justice systems.

So why we are promoting gender based violence at what cost? So it is high time to raise the voice against Gender based violence and end tolerance and complicity. We can’t dream of better world of peace when our mothers, sisters, aunts are not free from violence in our so called modern society. Still we can find many girls who are survivor of intimate partner violence. Some girls are thrown acid because she refuses the proposal of her partner. Some are burnt by fire because of the expensive dowry her parents could not offer her in marriage and is subjected for life time torture till she closes her eye permanently. So it is better to break the silence before silence breaks her life.

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